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    The pearl river delta 2 hours appeared more than 6000 times the thunder and lightning


    Report from our correspondent (reporter leaf kass) "what a blast!" Yesterday afternoon, guangzhou and next up a field intensity thunderstorms, local places have appeared 6 ~ 7 level short-term strong wind. According to incomplete statistics, yesterday 14 to 16 within the scope of the pearl river delta recorded cloud of lightning more than 6000 times, meteorological expert warns a citizen, when the weather unstable must pay attention to the prevention lightning attacks.

    The subtropical high decline to weather instability

    Yesterday at about 14, sultry guangzhou gradually to blow the wind, clouds over the city. After the 30 points, a heavy rain washed the Yang cheng. In the rainfall process, sound can be heard the thunder, glistening lightning call a person willies. Reporter from Hong Kong observatory web site to check, in the 15 ~ 59 points at this time, the pearl river delta region in the lightning relatively frequent, guangzhou, foshan and dongguan city such as recorded cloud of lightning frequency up to 6341 times. Lightning at 14 before and after when it attacked the dongguan, foshan, etc, then gradually move to guangzhou and qingyuan.

    Why continuous days appear thunderstorm weather? Guangdong province meteorological science and technology service center chief expert HeXia jiang explanation, this unstable weather mainly because of recent subtropical high weakened slightly. Guangdong province is located in the subtropical high south rim easterlies inside, this several days have a easterly wave from east to west drive, also make the weather is not stable, "plus the current hot weather, afternoon at night is prone to heat the thunderstorm. The subtropical high pressure tomorrow on and will to strengthen the control of guangdong, the thunderstorm weather temporary come to an end.

    Hong Kong available online lightning location

    Days of thunderstorm weather in some area residents life affected, even happen lightning lethal event. The night before last at about 7, the panyu district jiangxi 46 years old cadastral man surnamed Chen in vegetable field when work by lightning, died on the spot. Huangpu area double duty village in dozens of computer is almost at the same time lightning strikes burn out. Therefore, lightning occurred, people should pay more attention to meteorological observatory issued the thunderstorm winds and early warning signals, such as the case of thunderstorm, try not to go out.

    As we have learned, at present Hong Kong observatory in its web site with lightning location information service, fine to a building, park, swimming beach, etc. Guangzhou will open a similar service? Guangzhou lightning disaster reduction management office director DengChunLin said yesterday, because at present lightning information monitoring also was not accurate enough, guangzhou temporary not launch this service. But according to reporter understanding, the Hong Kong observatory provide lightning location information, also covers the parts of guangdong, but also can be used as guangdong prevent thunder and lightning disasters reference.

    Individual lightning protection points

    1. Should stay indoors, closed doors and Windows; Outdoor workers should hide as soon as possible into the interior.

    2. Unfavorable use lightning protection measures the shortage of electric appliance, need not the tap.

    3. Don't touch antenna, pipe, wire mesh, metal doors and Windows, building external wall, away from wire etc charged equipment or other similar metal device.

    4. Reduce to use the telephone and mobile phone.

    5. Do not swim or engaging in other water sports, unfavorable for outdoor ball games.

    6. Don't stand on the top of the hill, the roof or other close conductivity high objects.

    7. Do not deal with open containers flammable items.

    8. In the wilderness should be far away from trees and mast, at least 5 metres away from the tree.

    9. In the open shoulds not be open an umbrella, unfavorable put badminton racket and carry on the shoulder.

    Shoulds not be open bike, ride a bike.

    11. If getting up hair, should drop, feet touching, reducing the step voltage.

    Yang cheng after the rain cooling 9 ℃

    Report from our correspondent (reporter leaf kass correspondent of) yesterday because of the rain just in one day is the highest temperature in the afternoon, after a thunderstorm guangzhou cool nearly 9 ℃. Tomorrow on guangzhou and clear now.

    Yesterday, the southwest of guangdong and the pearl river delta to the common appeared shower and thundershower, including guangzhou, foshan, dongguan, jiangmen, maoming, part of the automatic sites record the heavy rain, local storm rainfall. Guangzhou cloudy day yesterday, the city in the afternoon the short-term strong thunderstorm. However, the thunderstorm process with precipitation time is short, strong precipitation range small and uneven distribution of rainfall characteristics, five mountain observatory and parts of the panyu recorded rainfall of more than 40 mm, and li wan and baiyun area was recorded rainfall of only a few millimeters. Five mountain observatory yesterday recorded the highest temperature of 34.2 ℃, the minimum temperature of 25.0 ℃.

    The next three days, most of the cities and counties of rainfall weakened gradually, the temperature rising all over. Today in the pearl river delta and west part of the cities and counties have shower or the thunder shower. Guangzhou today cloudy, there are short-term thundershower, hope to clear up after may be more heat.

    Sources: guangzhou daily

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