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    China issued user antenna lightning protection standard


    Recently, the China communication standardization association (CCSA) complete "user antenna device overvoltage over current protection" standard approval draft. This standard is domestic first about user antenna lightning protection standard, at present has entered the public stage.

    The standard main reference ITU - TK. 71:2007 (user antenna device protection) develop and become, stipulated the user antenna device overvoltage over current protection requirements, mainly including the communication antenna system of lightning protection requirements and power line contact protection requirement, etc; Suitable for installation in building user antenna device and installation in the distance buildings as far as a distance of about 10 meters of mast on user antenna device, and the installation of the antenna is used to provide communications services for the building; Does not apply to have the risk of explosion construction, internal system failure can cause life-threatening construction, installation of wireless communication base station construction, have to save life facilities hospital place.

    With the rapid development of our country's information communications, telephone village project vigorously advance, the vast rural areas telecommunication network full coverage of gradually realize, through the ordinary residential installation antenna communication service mode is widely applied, so the corresponding lightning protection problem is increasingly protruding.

    The standards will improve the user antenna device of lightning protection level, guarantee telecom user's personal and property security, and the further development of our country telephone village project will have real significance.

    Source: China information industry network

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